Configure Domain for Salesforce Lightning

1) Welcome to MyGuide

In this Guide, we will learn how to configure domain in Salesforce Lightning

2) Click the gear cog

3) Click on "Setup"

It will open in a new tab

4) Search "My Domain"

5) Click on "My Domain"


Choose Your Domain Name

Enter a domain name and check whether it's available


Click on "Check Availability"


If you find that domain Available, click "Register Domain"

After you click Register Domain, Salesforce takes a few minutes to update its naming registries. You receive an email when it's done


Domain Registration Pending

Registration takes less then 2 minutes. You'll receive an email when it's ready for testing


Your domain name is ready

Log in to test it out

11) Roll out the new domain to your org. Click on "Deploy to Users"


Click "OK"


Now the Domain Deployed to Users