What can you do in a Player mode

Access Push Notifications List, Mini Player and Default View

In the default player mode, you need to hover over a guide so the modes show up and you can select anyone to play the guide


When you go inside a guide, you can see the thumbnails and modes

TestMe mode is only available inside a guide view and not on hover 


You can download a guide in different formats from here 


In a player, you can change language by navigating to the global settings


In the Mini Player, we have the same functionality of hovering over a guide and selecting a mode to play 

Guide view page with step thumbnails are not available here


You even get the download options on hovering over the guide


My Preferences options are visible in the same manner as of the default player


Click the bell icon to see the available push notification lists

You can check both lists, hover over the push you want to see again and click this button


You can switch to All Guides and Current Page from here


In the player mode a ‘replay’ icon will appear to indicate that a guide has been played. 

For the guides that are not played yet, the ‘play’ icon will be visible.