How to view App Insights to track Page and Workflow Activity


Visit this URL to access Analyzer -


Enter credentials and click "SIGN IN"


Select the duration from the filter to view App Insights


Click on "App Insights"


Page Activity

A Block Diagram representing the top 50 pages containing at least one published guide

(in accordance with the number of hits against each page)

You can Export this information in PDF format


Scroll down to view Page Summary

A table representing top 50 pages containing at least one published guide. You can search the Page title and track Total number of Visits, Average Time spent on the page, Maximum Time spent on the page and Minimum Time spent on the page in the given span of time


Scroll down and view Workflow Activity

A Bubble Diagram representing Workflow Activity Volume of the Guides which are having app insights tracking enabled


Scroll down to view Workflow Summary

A Table representing Workflow Activities as - Total Walkthrough, Unique Walkthrough, Average Walkthrough/User and Total Steps