Guides Insights

GuideMe Insights, ShowMe Insights, TestMe Insights, Sentiments/Survey Insights, Push Notifications and Beacons Insights, Summary

Click the Insights portal button on the MyGuide panel; it will redirect you to MyGuide Insights and automatically log you in


If you login via this link, you have to enter your admin credentials, select captcha and then log into the insights portal.


Click on "Guide Insights"


Click this app switcher icon


You can select any application from here to check the insights


Click on "Event Source"

From here, you can select whose insights you want to check and click "Apply"


From this filter you can select one of the options to check the insights


Select duration from here

You can also select a custom range from the options


GuideMe represents the activities of guides

It shows the graph with total number of guides played in a given time frame, unique guides (per guide, per unique user), and total completed guides from first to last step.
You can select the radio buttons one by one if you want to check one graph at a time


This shows the percentage of users who played the guides versus completed them


Plays by Media Type

Here is a donut chart representing the percentage of ShowMe activities


Plays by Time

Here is a graph representing the total number of videos, slideshows and GIFs played in a given time frame


Here is a pie chart representing the percentage distribution of guides downloaded in different formatsĀ 



A bar graph representing the total number of users performed TestMe activity where each bar is divided into 2 parts (number of users passed in the test and the number of users failed in the test)


MyGuide Surveys

A graph representing the total number of Guide and Exit responses provided by users for the guides


Display Count of Push-notifications & BeaconsĀ 

A graph representing the total number of times Push-notifications & Beacons was shown to the user on page visit


Guide Summary

Here is a table representing activities of Guides.

Guide Played: Total number of guides, unique guides played (per guide, per unique user) and the total number of guides played in the given time frame.
ShowMe Played: Total number of slideshows, videos, GIFs played in the given time frame.
TestMe Played: Total number of users passed and failed in the tests in the given time frame.
MyGuide Surveys Played: Total number of responses submitted by users for the guide in the given time frame


Click on "Export PDF" to download the complete data to your local system