Click the Insights portal button on the MyGuide panel; it will redirect you to MyGuide Insights and automatically log you in


If you login via this link, you have to enter your admin credentials, select captcha and then log into the insights portal.


Here is the CIO Dashboard



In CIO Dashboard you get to see the activities across all applications


You can select a monthly or date wise range to see the results


A representation of the comparative view of top 10 guides played


A graph representing the guides played in GuideMe and ShowMe mode for a given time frame


Here is a table representing top 10 guides with their GuideMe and ShowMe counts and distribution of guide played in ShowMe mode in the form of GIF, Video, and Slideshow


Active User Stats

It represents a list of all apps that can be selected to view stats for the given time frame and on the other side the graph shows unique active user counts across apps for the given time frame 


Here the table represents App summary

It shows the app title, unique user count, user session count and average session duration of the specific app for the given time frame


App Usage Time

A donut chart represents the average time spent on each app and a table that shows app title, minimum, maximum and average time spent on the app in the given time frame


Where are the users accessing your app from

A geo-location chart representing usage of apps country-wise across the globe


It represents top 10 sentiments with the applications they belong to, number of responses, distribution of a sentiment in terms of neutral, positive and negative and date and time of a sentiment when it was last modified