This is very important to note that steps created in any variant of English can only be translated to other language and not otherwise

Enter guide name, description and click "Submit"


Add steps from here


You have to enter your message in English


Notice the three icons on the guide header 


After adding steps, you will notice that this icon will be visible, which means that the guide is being translated in all the selected languages for the organization as a background process


Please keep in mind that additional languages can only be selected from the super admin portal

Select your desired language


Your guide has been translated!


Once a guide is translated, it automatically translates the parent subfolder or folder in which it was created along with its fellow guides 


If you want to edit any step(s), you have to change its language to English first and then edit


By selecting this checkbox, when you translate the guide after editing, the changes will also reflect in the selected language

When you edit the step, you will come across this checkbox 


You can not edit the Guide name, Folder name and Sub Folder name when the Guide is translated into any language other than English (any variant of English)


This checkbox is also available at Folder and Sub Folder level


When the guide is translated back in English, this checkbox is available


Translation will also happen for Beacon, Tooltip, Push Notification, Linked guide, Video guide, and anything readable except for Survey

*The change is restricted to a user profile for a specific application*