How to update your Organization details

Copyright Text, Dual Authentication, Upload Organization Thumbnail Image, Organization Name & Description

Enter your credentials and check the captcha

And then log into the MyGuide admin portal 


Click on the "Organization" tab


You can change the name of the Organization from here


Edit the description from here


You can enable or disable the duel authentication from here

When you enable the dual authentication, you receive an OTP every time someone from this organization logs into MyGuide extension or admin portal.

It is advised to enable to make the login process more secure. 


You can update the thumbnail image of your org from here


Click on "Choose Image" and select an image from your system

the recommended size is 500X500 px and the supported file type is JPG and PNG


You can update the first and last slides of MyGuide videos from this section

Also, you can provide the text for both the slides. This setting will reflect in the org settings in MyGuide extension.


Enter a Copyright Text here

It is intended to exercise the org owner's right to make the guides created from this organization the exclusive property of this org.

This is mandatory*

10) Click on "Update"