How to generate API and Secret Credentials for your Applications

Secret and Org Key, Assign Key to Application, APIs & Services

Enter your credentials and check the captcha

And then log into the MyGuide admin portal 

2) Click on "APIs & Services"

3) Click on "Generate Credentials"


Select the User Provisioning

  • Anonymous - If users do not want MyGuide to save their information, select Anonymous.
  • JIT - If you select JIT, then we check whether this email is already registered with MyGuide, if not, we add the person as a MyGuide User.


Provide a Key Name

In this field, enter the purpose of creating this key. 


Select an application from here or you can select more than one application if you want

7) Click on "Generate"


You can assign appications from here


Select the app and click on "Assign Applications"


You can delete this key pair from here


To copy a key, you need to hover over it so you get a button to do so