How to add registered domains for your org


Enter your credentials and check the captcha

And then log into the MyGuide admin portal 

2) Click on "Domains"


This feature supports Single Sign-On functionality on the general MyGuide player extension.

And due this feature in existance, creating a dedicated extension will not be required if the customers want SSO.

If they need additional branding, existing dedicated custom extensions will remain supported.

Users can log in through SSO only when they are on the domain registered for their MyGuide account.

This domain will be unique to every MyGuide account.

If the domain is not registered, users will not be able to log into their Identity Provider’s URL.

There can be more than one registered domain.

4) Click on "Add Domain"

5) Enter "Domain"

1. Domain Name must contain at least two parts separated by a period "."

2. The domain name part should not start or end with a hyphen "-"

3. Domain names can contain the letters a-z, digits 0-9, and the hyphen

4. The subsequent parts of the domain name should at least be two characters long

6) Click on "Add Domain"


Please note that this domain is different from the domain we configure in our creator extension and needs to be configured in your MyGuide account’s Admin portal.


Click here to delete the domain