Step Customization

Customise popup style, Opacity (common for all three)

Step Popup Position

Step popup width and height options are present in Image, Message and Inline step panels

Light green shade suggests the availability of positions and in case a position is unavailable, it will be shown in light grey shade

By default the step popup width is 300 pixels.
The minimum & maximum popup width is 250 and 1000 pixels and minimum & maximum popup height is 100 and 1000 pixels


Screen Visibility Settings

If you want to hide a particular area while playing the step or any media file, click "Select Area"

Opacity scale varies from 0 (lightest) and 10 (darkest).
Move the circular toggle towards right to increase the opacity


For a message step, the popup style for the main step is different

But when we select a tooltip, the position selector will be same as inline's. In this case the light grey shade suggests the available positions


In case of message and image steps, the placing of some options is different than that of an inline step