Operations of a Step

Editing a Step (new), Move Steps, Copy - Paste Steps, Delete a Step, Play GuideMe from a Step (new), Step History

To edit a step, just hover over the particular thumbnail and click the ellipsis


Click on "Edit"


If the element gets found on the page, MyGuide will open in the regular editor. If the element is not found, and you are on the same domain as of step, the step will open as an image that you can edit


To move a step, you need to hover over the step thumbnail till you see a drag icon. Hold this icon and move the step up or down accordingly


Drop the step


To copy a step, hover over the step thumbnail till you see the ellipsis, click it and select the option - Copy Step


Select the button where you want to paste the step. It can be before or after a step, or it can be a new step copied from another workflow. In that case click the floating plus icon

From the options, select "Paste Step"


To delete a step, click the ellipses appearing on a step and select "Delete" from the options


Provide your confirmation by clicking "OK"


Hover over a step thumbnail and you will see the option - GuideMe

When you click it, the step will start playing in the GuideMe mode.
This mode can not be changed


Go to the ellipsis and select "History" from the available options


Here you can see the changes happened to the step since it was created


You can edit the audio from here, do all the audio related settings, record the audio and preview it