Message step conditions

Choose when to proceed to the next step, Message Automation Section, Message Tooltip, Link Guide

Click the floating plus icon and select "Message Step"


When you select 'On Click of Next Button', the next step advances on clicking on next button visible on the pop-up


When you select this option, the next step advances when the existing page reloads


When we select 'On click anywhere on the page' and user clicks anywhere on the page, the next step plays


When you select "After 'n' seconds", the step will complete after the number of seconds selected


When you want MyGuide to stop the automation mode for a custom entry, you select this checkbox


Click on "Select" button to highlight an element and create a step out of it


We can highlight an element, add description for it and also link a guide as a tooltip 

Note that to add a tooltip in a message step, its mandatory to add a main step first


We can customise the position of a tooltip


When you create a tooltip, a new option appears

When you select this option, it advances the new step on click of the highlighted tooltip area