Inline Automation Section

Human Interaction

Click the floating plus icon and select "Inline Step" 


We will learn the use case of automation settings on Salesforce

Click the floating plus icon and select "Inline Step"


We will create the first step by selecting on click condition with page reload option

For every click condition, MyGuide automation auto-clicks the button which we select while creating a step


When we select a textbox, MyGuide auto-selects Typing condition


For typing condition, "Requires human interaction" checkbox gets selected.

It suggests that MyGuide will only have to stop for the fields which require custom data entry; otherwise, it plays all the click events and moves forward.
E.g., here the text field is opportunity name, which requires a custom input


This will mute the step audio for users so they won’t get confused with the truncated text of the previous step.


While playing guides in DoItForMe mode, the long narration gets truncated because the step progresses quickly

With this option, the Automation mode can be accelerated or slowed down so the narration can be completed; this is done via selecting the number of seconds. 


There can be some fields which pass on with same or pre-decided data, for such a case we can select the checkbox for "Enables default data entry" and the radio button for "Custom Input"

In this case, let's assume that we have a fixed value for data entry, so we enter it to the MyGuide field

9) Automation Preview">

To learn about the CSV input feature, please visit this link.

11) CSV Input Preview">