Inline and Message Step Conditions

Hide 'Skip' button, Hide 'Previous' button, Force step popup, Hide previous button, Delay step playback, This step is optional, This step is conditional

The following options explained are the same for a message step, just the placing of options will be different 

Click the floating plus icon and select "Inline Step" 


Hide 'Skip' button

The 'Skip' button allows the user to proceed with the existing text / selection.

Org owners can use this option to hide the 'Skip' button and enforce the typing / change action to their users


Hide previous button to restrict navigation to the previous step

Workflow depends on conditions; if we want to force a guide on end-users, such as it plays only the next steps, and they can't go back, then we use this option.
Also, sometimes there are scenarios where we need to perform a task to move ahead, and even if we want to go back, we can't as the task is already done. In this case, we can force users not to go back, so we hide the previous button


Force step popup

Use this option if any action hides / adds overlay over the selected element during the workflow

Force step popup


Delay step playback

MyGuide will start finding the step after the specified wait time. Use this option if host site takes a long while to load.


This can be used when you have an optional step in your workflow

E.g., Consider a workflow with a step for logging into a platform. Some users might not have logged in and are using that step, but those who have logged in already can face an error for that step because MyGuide may not find the scenario for which the step was created.

To avoid this, we select the checkbox to make this step optional. MyGuide will search for a step for 5 seconds and will switch to the next step if that step is not found.


This step is conditional

Step will play only when the rules are matched and the step will not be skipped, unless optional. 
When this box is checked, rules section opens


Message step settings feature these three options


In inline and message step when changes are performed for the following:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Popup position
  • Reselect element

A Recapture screenshot checkbox is selected automatically because these changes will reflect in the step thumbnail. For any other case, when the step is being edited, the image doesn't need to be recaptured.