How to add a CV step in creator extension using CV selector


If the required element is not accessible by auto selector, manually draw an outline around the element


Click on "Take Snapshot"


If you want to perform any activity on the screen and want that screen to be captured at a certain delay, you can use the delay capture feature

There are two delay capture options - 5 and 10 seconds


Either option when selected, starts a countdown for you to perform the particular task.
You have to make your best guess for how much time you will need


Select an area on the screen with this button


On Click of the selected element

When you select 'On click of selected element', the next step advances only on clicking of that particular selected element.
However, when the next step opens in a new tab or advances after page reloads, you need to select the respective options


On Click of Next Button

When you select 'On Click of Next Button', the next step advances on clicking on next button visible on the pop-up


After 'n' seconds

When you select "After 'n' seconds", the step will complete after number of seconds selected


Opacity scale varies from 0 (lightest) and 10 (darkest).
Move the circular toggle towards right to increase the opacity

To highlight the selected area, use this opacity toggle button to increase or decrease the brightness.


Match by Position

Check if area of interest is found in the same location as it is currently placed


Match by Text

Use the text present on the highlighted element to check for a match


Delay step playback

MyGuide will start finding the step after the specified wait time.

This option is to be used if the host site takes a long while to load.