Capture Screen Toolbar

Explain the confidence score and navigation, Delay Capture - 5/10, Enable jQuery - explain jquery with video

Click the floating plus icon and select "Inline Step" 


You will find this select element toolbar which you can also move downwards


From the capture mode, you can select the element for which you want to add a step

Each element after being captured or hovered over, shows a digit confidence score scale. This helps a user to select an element which is more likely to be found by MyGuide


If you want to navigate to a different page you can select the "Mouse" mode


Click here to enable the jQuery selector


It lets you enter the jQuery of an element manually in the field so MyGuide captures that element


It is useful when there are many labels with the same text but their background properties differ so adding the label’s jQuery uniquely identifies the element

For example, we have entered the jQuery for Login button


You can select the suitable option when you need to perform a task and then select the element

For example, sometimes an element shows something else when hovered over. We use this option if we need to capture the element which shows up later and not the parent element

There are two delay capture options - 5 and 10 seconds


Either option when selected, starts a countdown for you to perform the particular task.

You have to make your best guess for how much time you will need to capture the element.