1) Welcome to MyGuide

In this Guide, we will learn how to install MyGuide package in Salesforce Lightning

2) Click on "App Launcher"

3) Click on "Visit AppExchange"


Search "MyGuide by Edcast"

5) Click on "More"

6) Click on "Get It Now"

7) Log In to AppExchange

Why do I need to log in?

For certain actions, like reviewing a listing or installing a package, Salesforce need to verify your identity first

8) Click on "Open Login Screen"


Select "Always allow pop-ups" and click "Done"

10) Click on "Allow"


Where do you want to install MyGuide by EdCast?

Choose "Install in This Org" or "Install in a Sandbox Org"


Review the customization guide for installation and configuration steps

13) Click on "Edit Profile"

14) Fill in the required details

15) Click the "Checkbox"

16) Review the Package Installation Details, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click "Confirm and Install"

Note: SalesU is a managed package app, therefore none of the custom objects or tabs you see on the packaging list will count against your Salesforce limits

17) Choose “Install for All Users”

18) Click on "Install"


Installing and granting access to all users


Installation has been completed. Click on "Done" and follow configuration steps